Training Center and Environmental Education

Programs, activities and events

Amigos da Terra developed the project “As Corcerizas” with the aim to lead and demonstrate a new development model based on sustainability criteria, through alternative practices that minimize our environmental and social impact and that could easily be incorporated into daily decision making.

In As Corcerizas we commit ourselves to a paradigm shift, using different tools that enable us to adopt responsible attitudes without perceiving them as expensive or as a renunciation of the achieved levels of quality of life.

Training Center and Environmental Education in As Corcerizas

From the same environmental coherence in the design of the equipment to a proposal of educational activities that take place inside, we show a firm commitment to make the most advanced recommendations of new methodological lines of educational intervention become reality.

It’s a serious and proven commitment to Environmental Education of high quality, dedicated, critical, participatory and pluralistic. It is not only based on providing information but also and above all, on supplying direct and personal experience to those participating in the environmental issue, so that they will change to responsible behavior and attitude to be part of the problem’s solution.

We develop programs from an comprehensive educational point of view, seeking the common origin and multiple causes of environmental problems, and not addressing issues in an isolated manner. All activities about the approach to nature are realized with a dual character: a serious ethical commitment and a playful and motivating methodology; providing accurate and adapted education and information of high quality to the group.

Training and environmental disclosure

Connected with the areas in which we operate.
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Environmental Education

Through programs for a day, a weekend or short stays which include various activities.
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Programs for schools, universities and vocational training centers

Connecting the three defining concepts we apply in the activities: Feeling, Knowing and Acting.
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Camps and Labor Camps

An existential and comprehensive experience of high value for adults, kids and teenagers, educating to live with consistency and respect in a society of the future.
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Events to promote the meeting and exchange of experiences: conferences, international seminars, realization of meetings and assemblies of different entities.