A Project of Amigos da Terra

Amigos da TerraOur name defines us: We are a grassroots environmental association, integrated in the network of Friends of the Earth International which is present in 77 countries with more than one million members and partners. Our mission is to promote local and global change towards a society that respects environment, justice and solidarity.

We firmly believe in creating a new environmental culture and because of that since 2002 we have been developing an avant-garde project aimed at the formation of this new model of sustainability: As Corcerizas, in the Serra de San Mamede in the Central Massif of Ourense, Galicia.

Since its birth it has been a challenge, a transformative project in which Friends of the Earth made the commitment to demonstrate the viability and importance of implementing an educational project with equipment in total socio-environmental coherence, and to promote a necessary paradigm shift showing real alternatives from our own direct life experience. Energy efficiency and the exclusive use of renewable energy, bioconstruction, ecological water treatment (biodepuration), composting, ecological and local food along with the defense and enhancement of the natural and rural surroundings are the main ingredients that became reality in this initiative, which continues to evolve alive and dynamically as nature itself where it is placed.


In this context As Corcerizas is a recognized equipment, considered as model for the implementation of other initiatives. Its decentralized energy model based on minimizing carbon emissions won the Hostelling International Sustainability Fund contest, and the CONAMA prize (National Environment Congress) in a state level, an award that honors the best local initiatives for sustainability.

In Amigos da Terra we continue standing up for alternatives which put the brakes on the most serious environmental problems, generating reflection and social reaction to create new strategic lines, synergies and strengthen networking. We need your support to continue demonstrating that through experience and action we can be part of the solutions! Get active; make yourself a Friend of the Earth!


Evolution of the project As Corcerizas from 1995 to 2015.