How to find us

As Corcerizas is located 50 km far from Ourense, in the mountains between the villages of Maceda and Xinzo of Limia. It is part of the council of Vilar de Barrio, in the communal mount Arnuide and it is connected to the village by a 10 km long track which continues to the summit of the mountain.

Pista forestal Arnuide – San Mamede Km. 10
32705 – Arnuide. Vilar de Barrio. Ourense

Geolocation As Corcerizas

DMS: Latitude: 42° 11′ 37.989″ Longitude: -7° 31′ 59.901″
DDD: Latitude: 42.1938862407 Longitude: -7.53330588341

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