Facilities and Criteria

Exemplary Educational Resource

The Center was designed following the philosophy of Amigos da Terra and with a significant differential nuance between the rest of the equipments used in Galician environmental education. This is because the equipment itself was built as an exemplary educational resource, incorporating those principles on which we based our educational project in its construction. Those in turn are consistent with the principles of an ecological association with a background component of social commitment.

Facilities and Criteria of As Corcerizas

As Corcerizas is today presented as a pioneer environmental education center and shelter, comparable only to a few other models in the nation because it continues conceiving the perspective of sustainability starting from the planning, construction, management and use:

Energy-efficient buildings: Green Building

The facilities consist of a Classroom, a Dining room and a Hostel with the capacity of 45 persons.

In its design, construction and improvements, techniques and criteria of green building were applied. This incorporates the use of efficient production systems and energy savers as well as materials which are healthy and environment-friendly in all stages of their life cycle (production, use, disposal), manufactured nearby and respected by their traditional use.
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Renewable Energy: decentralized system and remote monitoring

The energy system of As Corcerizas is completely independent of the conventional power grid, forming what is known as “energy island”. The whole electricity production is provided by renewable energy, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of diversifying local production sources.
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Waste Minimization

We aim to minimize waste production as much as possible throughout the life cycle of products through bulk purchases and minimal packaging, prioritizing the reusable materials and rejecting some products considering their ecological footprint.

We apply the recycling principle by composting organic waste; and by the biological purification of waste waters using a system of floating aquatic plants.
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Sustainable Food

In As Corcerizas we prepare meals, as far as possible, with food from ecological and local agriculture, demonstrating the viability of its consumption and supporting the development of small farms in the area. For products that are not cultivated locally, we turn to fair trade channels, as in the case of coffee, cocoa or sugar.
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